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Immerse yourself in the rhythms of Latin America Niall has supported latin live music in Galway with every salsa band since they began and made his first trip to study salsa and Rumba percussion in Havana and Trinidad, Cuba in 2002 where he fell in love with the dance also.

His passion for salsa also led him to study with incredible teachers in Cali, Colombia and many teachers over the years in Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil and Ireland. He currently teaches Sosa Style Salsa which he learned from world famous Fernando Sosa 's online World Mastery Course.

He loves this style as it fuses the armwork and counter body positions of Cuban Style with the footwork and patterns of New York style mostly with roots in Eddie Torres patterns and the power and energy of L. A. style with Puerto Rican salsa flavour to add to the mix.


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Wednesday nights at Monroes Niall and Alarcos teach salsa every Wednesday in Monroes bar and Niall teaches on Thursdays in 4M Dance Studio.

They currently are the resident teachers at Galway's largest weekly latin party, Wednesday Latino in Monroes Bar, Dominck St. Galway.

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Whatever your dreams are to dance, to create, to feel more alive and connected to others Galway Latin Dance and Niall, Alarcos and all their amazing team open their hearts and vast experiences and knowledge bringing the world of music and dance directly to you in their fantastic and friendly classes and parties.

We hope you can try a class soon and remember the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and so make that first step today and sign up for a taster beginners class with GLD

Find us


  • Galway Rowing Club,
    10 Waterside,
    Co. Galway.


  • 4M Dance Centre,
    7 Kilkerrin Park,
    Co. Galway.


  • Monroes,
    14 Dominick St. Upper,
    Co. Galway.

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