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About Galway Latin Dance

Niall O Floinn began teaching dance in Galway in 2002 after he graduated with full honours from Kake Dance Ensemble in Accra, Ghana where he studied drumming and dance. A year later he began teaching latin dances starting with Argentinian Tango. He was the first Irish dancer to perform in a national theatre in Argentina in 2007 dancing in a 6 week show called Contratango directed by choreographer Claudio Fortes.

Over the years he has studied with unquestionably the best teachers in the world like Chico Frumboli and Juana Sepulveda, Ruben and Sabrina Veliz, Fabian Salas, Sebastian Archaval and Roxanna Suarez, Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, Eugenia Parrilla, Federico and Ariadna Navoeira, Los Totis, as well as Marcelo Ramer and Selva Mastrotti, Enrique Ringa, Laia Barrera, Damian Rosenthal and Celine Ruiz, Monina Paz, and at least 40 other couples.

He currently uses Sabrina Veliz's teaching pedagogy for lady style with his female students and incorporates knowledge from all his teachers in his classes for couples. He believes in never stop learning and having a beginners mind in any class he attends.

Barna Woods

During the last 20 years teaching Tai Chi at a worldclass pro level, in his free time Niall studied with the top latin teachers in the world while teaching in different countries. While he teaches Tango, Bachata, Salsa, and Kizomba its important to note he has studied regional dances in many countries worldwide which all add to his experience as dancer, teacher and choreographer.

In fact he is in high demand for original wedding choreographies and was approached by dancing with the stars finalist Emily Barker to help her establish connections to teach wedding choreos all over Ireland and to teach in her company. Today he teaches wedding choreos exclusively for 4m dance studio and in his studio at his home in Roscam, Galway.

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  • Galway Rowing Club,
    10 Waterside,
    Co. Galway.


  • 4M Dance Centre,
    7 Kilkerrin Park,
    Co. Galway.


  • Monroes,
    14 Dominick St. Upper,
    Co. Galway.

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