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Kizomba is a romantic dance from Angola that has a lot of feeling in the embrace like Tango. It is easier as well as slower than Salsa and Bachata. People generally grasp Kizomba faster so it's great if you have a friend who wants to start latin dance but is worried it will be too hard then you can recommend they start with our Tuesday night kizomba class and kizomba and bachata practica.

Kizomba songs are also played at most Salsa socials and festivals , so people learning Salsa tend to learn some bit of Kizomba as well. Taking just a very few classes allows you enjoy a different mood, feelings and expression on your night out latin dancing. Niall and Alarcos bring together experience from Angolan kizomba, urban kiz and their combined teaching experience and body and energy awareness. Their kizomba classes are super special and students love the music and vibes.

Niall and Alarcos in Brazil


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